What Should You Do With a To Do List?

Keep it. Don’t just tear it up out of frustration and throw it in the rubbish bin. You’re better than that. You had the discipline to create a list of tasks that you thought were worthwhile, so don’t be so quick to abandon what you placed value in before.

There are certain ways to approach a to-do list, and while we’re not focusing on how to make one, the order has an impact on your actions. Hoping that you created a mindful to-do list that takes the order of events into consideration, there is one way to approach it.

Attack it. Ruthlessly. Viciously. With passion and intensity. Don’t delay. Don’t Flounder. Don’t reconsider what it says. Again, you made a to-do list. Now do everything on it.

Let’s look at this in another application. Let’s think of a to-do list that someone else made for you. Imagine your significant other made you a grocery list. Let’s even say that they cook the meals and you know nothing about food, so in this extreme situation, you’re going to get exactly what the list says. Right?

Now, think back to your list. Go at it with the same mindset. Plow through everything on that list, from top to bottom, considering you made it properly. Perform the first item on the list… now cross it off. Same with the second, third, forth, fifth, etc. Sometimes, completing a to-do list is about working hard. Sure, making the list might take longer and involve more thinking, but that’s the hard part. Or is it?

This might get the chores done, but on a grander scale, it’s about execution. It’s so easy to make grandiose plans, but going through with them is harder. If you practice making small plans and crushing them every day, even if it’s just household tasks like washing dishes, vacuuming, etc… you’re going to start to develop the ability to execute. Take that laser focus to your big ideas and one day you’ll start to see serious results.

So, again… what should you do with a to-do list? Do it.



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