Fun Ways to Find Funds

Know your audience. While it might be nice to think that you have an idea that is targeting the whole world, it’s highly unlikely. Why? Because someone else has probably tried it but when it comes to smaller audiences, you have a better chance of being original.

Know your audience. Know why they’re coming to you and know what’s going to get them excited. Want a good example? Here’s one.

Eduardo Serio, founder of BlackJaguarWhiteTiger, is one of the most engaging individuals on Instagram. Over the past few years, over 6 million followers have watched his journey to save over 250 big cats, which also include lions… big lions.

Eddie, as his fans more affectionately call him, knows exactly what those 6 million people want to see every day… his babies. So, that’s exactly what he has given them… thousands of posts of his cats, and some dogs as well!

In an effort to raise more money for his rescue, Eddie decided to auction off his iconic vest that has been worn in most of those videos. While the idea of winning such an item isn’t initially too exciting, since it might not fit and has patches from companies that you might not care much for… he has an x-factor.

The vest itself is covered in the bite and claw marks of lions, tigers, jaguars, and other exotic animals. For a donation, you receive an entry into a drawing to win the vest and in an effort to maximize contributions, Eddie decided to announce this about a month before the drawing.

I’m sure Eddie would love to hold onto his treasured vest, but he understands how to get what he needs, in addition to what he wants. This mindset and the ability to make sacrifices pays dividends, and I’d love to see how many entries are purchased.

I’m sure the odds of winning will be similar to the lottery, but I didn’t purchase the entries expecting to win. I purchased the entries expecting to help save more cats and Eddie’s ability to engage with his audience has created this culture.

Learn from it!



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