Building Responsibility by… Fostering Kittens

Taking care yourself is one thing, but taking care of someone else is a completely different situation. We’ve all gone through a long school or work day without eating. We forget about it. Far too often we think that our health is not nearly as important as a deadline for a paper or a work assignment. That’s not the case when you’re taking care of someone else. When they say “feed me” you respond in a different way.

Now, what if you made the choice to take care of that living creature, and what if there were many of them? Also, think about their ability to survive without your help. Finally, taking all of that into consideration, visualize doing it all for a bunch of kittens. It’s a lot of work, but it is rewarding.

Rewarding in what way? In many ways. You’ll feel great about the work you’ve done, but you’ll also develop new skill sets. Organization, cleanliness and time management are probably the abilities that you’ll build the most, in a short amount of time, but also attention to detail and perception. You’ll constantly be looking out for everything that might be going wrong because their health is your top priority.

Depending on the situation, you might need to be extra careful around them based on their health, and if they’re sick, you might even be responsible for providing them medication. You’ll develop some cooking and scientific ability in that, having to use syringes and mix different combinations of food and supplements. If they’re young and without a mother, you’re going to have to bottle feed them.

Kittens are everywhere and plenty live on the street, needing a good home. I’m not telling you to go out there and find some just to build some new skills, but consider fostering kittens to really give yourself a taste of being an adult. If you can take care of kittens from 2 weeks old to 10 weeks old and find them a home in the process, you have a bright future. Your responsibility level will be through the roof if you do it right.


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