Should I Buy Season Tickets?

If you’re looking at this question and asking yourself, would I enjoy going to the games myself, you’re completely missing the point already. When we try to entertain and justify any purchase, whether it is a physical good or service, our goal is to find enough value in that product. Is value for an experience strictly based on how much you would personally enjoy that experience?

How many times have you done something or gone somewhere to make someone else happy? If one other person’s happiness wasn’t the reason, you may have felt obligated to attend an event based on some responsibility you felt. I, personally, have almost never attended a funeral for my own pleasure.

Taking that notion into consideration, how would you be able to find more value in season tickets, for example. Well, growing up with a father who worked in an industry that was very competitive, his “clients” would often have to find ways to entice him to choose their services over their competition. When they couldn’t afford to drop their rates any further to gain his business, they worked to earn his loyalty.

More often than not, their efforts were based around offering experiences and not physical goods to achieve this. Whether it was a day on their fishing boat, a meal at their restaurant, or their season tickets for a game, the approach worked. Plain and simple, it was extremely effective. 

While you might not necessarily be on their multi-million-dollar business level yet, you shouldn’t shy away from tactics that work. There is no issue with operating on a much smaller scale, as the gesture you make could easily lead to a significant return on your investment. 

Our most recent season ticket purchase was a strategic move, in that we did not spend too much and we also chose a sport that we enjoy watching. This provided us with many options; whether it was attending a game together, giving both tickets away, or having one of us bring someone to the game.

The personal and professionals benefits were unquestionable and the investment paid off, but before you make the purchase, there are a few things to take into consideration. If you’re trying to follow a strict budget for your business and you plan on writing the expenses off, consider what you’ll pay for parking and other travel costs.

Also, make sure you have a way to get rid of the tickets, last-minute or in case of an emergency. Whether that means having a friend that will take them off your hands or having a way of reselling them, there is no greater waste of resources than not using them, or letting them expire.

Think outside the box; they don’t have to be season tickets to a sporting team or venue. Just remember, there are so many ways to seal the deal with a potential client, and this approach is used all over the world. It is extremely popular because it is fun and effective, so don’t shy away from something new. Control your purchase so the reward outweighs the risk.


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