Avoid Getting Lost in Translation

Translation might not be the best word for this situation, but it sure does sound cool… or even appropriate. What situation am I talking about? One that creates so many opportunities for failure and disappointment.

Twenty years ago, you only had to worry about communicating with people in a few ways. You’d either talk to them in person, speak over the phone, or send a written letter. If you didn’t take care of business right then and there, you’d only have three different places to look for what you have to do.

Fast forward to today, and someone like myself, who has few apps compared to others, has a much larger list of places where people need to be answered in order to get work done, or even, if not anything else, avoid having people made at you.

MultipleĀ email addresses, text messages, voice messages, Linked In messages, Facebook messenger, Instagram direct messages, Twitter, LetGo, OfferUp, Yelp, and YouTube are all places on my personal cell alone that leave me vulnerable to the situation, or trap, described above.

Here’s the big question… how do I avoid falling into the trap? How do I maximize my opportunities and minimize my risk here? Well, there are plenty of different strategies, but here’s mine. Delete, delete, delete. Screenshot, screenshot, screenshot. Email.

My email addresses and the cloud are my central nervous system. Whenever I’m dealing on another platform, as soon as I’ve done my part and am now waiting for a response, I delete the conversation. If there is some form of agreement that needs to be upheld, I take a screenshot and email it to myself for record-keeping.

If it’s a big deal,Ā as in a possible major opportunity, I’ll either leave it or screenshot and save it to my photos in my phone, since I always keep less than 100 total to avoid clutter. I never want to leave the ball in my court so I always respond as soon as possible and avoid allowing things getting lost in translation by clearing the court.

That’s one strategy to increase your organization in order to improve your communication. What do you do?


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