Efficient Ways to Finish Chores

You might have already discovered your trick to maximize your productivity when it comes to daily or weekly tasks such as chores. Whether it’s a reminder or to-do app on your phone, you’re hard-wired from years of repetition, or you have another trick up your sleeve, you’ve mastered what needs to get done.

There are, however, many others who have not yet figured out how to finish these tasks as quickly as possible. More importantly, there are many others who simply leave the house and forget to get certain things done.

One method that we use is by using the lights in each room. Before we leave for work, we want to make sure the dishes are clean, the litter is clean, all doors are closed, electronics are off, and things are put away.

In order to make sure nothing is neglected, we turn the lights on in every room where an action item is required. As we complete all the chores in that room, we turn the lights off. When you walk through the house before leaving and see all the lights off, you know that all tasks are complete.

In the featured picture the litter needed to be scooped. In the kitchen picture, it’s typically a matter of leaving clean dishes and an empty sink. The dining room has the animal’s water bowl in it, which needs to be filled with fresh water.

Try using this system if you struggle to keep the house clean and organized. Let us know if it solves any of your problems because coming home from work to a house like this allows you to either maximize productivity later at night, or allows you to relax.


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