If you want it… take it

Here’s some quick motivation. Life is extremely short and if you really want something, you should always be somewhat strategic in your approach of how to attain it, but you need to be reckless enough to put in serious effort. 99% of the time you’re going to have to put in more effort… way more effort than you think in order to be successful.

I thought of this when I saw that one of the most innovative billionaires on the planet, who is completely self-made, dropped over $100 million on a painting… my a modern/abstract American artist. The billionaire happens to be Japanese, and this whole scenario just shows you how certain people want a certain something, and although you might not be able to relate to that specific case, you need know exactly what it feels like.

If you’re into a certain something, don’t worry about what anyone else has to say as long as you have your situation under control. You really can achieve anything, but you need to be true to yourself and dedicated to your effort. What that effort is… well that’s entirely up to you and what you spend your earnings on… that again is completely your choice.

Just know that there’s something very special about doing what this man did and will most likely continue to do. His art collection is growing, but he works hard to make sure he can afford that very expensive hobby. He probably had 1,000 obstacles that jumped in his way, so don’t accept failure and don’t make excuses. Be accountable.


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